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We are being oppressed, we will not tolerate anymore, arrested PTI women

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LAHORE: The arrested women of PTI have said that we are being oppressed, and we will not tolerate it anymore.

On the occasion of their appearance in the Special Anti-Terrorism Court, the arrested women of PTI said that 5 women came and searched them at night.

He said that we were kept in jail for 25 days, what else to do now? This cruelty cannot go on anymore. We are not thieves and robbers.

Alia Hamza said on this occasion that there is talk of insulting parliament, insulting the court, but there is no talk of respect for women. Sanam Javed said that press conferences are being held in our name, and we are not allowed to speak, where is this justice?

It should be noted that the police produced the arrested women of PTI, Sanam Javed, Alia Hamza, Tayyaba Raja, Khadija Shah, who were involved in the May 9 incidents, in front of Admin Judge Abhar Gul in the special anti-terrorism court.

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