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US military helicopter crashes in Syria

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Washington: An accident occurred in the helicopter of the American army in Syria in which 22 American soldiers were injured, the fear of casualties is being expressed.

According to the World News Agency, a US Army helicopter was taking 22 personnel back from a military outpost in a remote area after the operation. Meanwhile, the helicopter met with an accident.

In a statement issued by the spokesperson of the US Army, it is said that 22 US soldiers were injured in the accident, 10 of whom are in critical condition, but nothing was said about the nature and cause of the accident.

The US Central Command says that the investigation into the cause of the incident is ongoing. 10 seriously injured have been shifted to a major hospital as their condition is critical.

It should be noted that there are about 900 American personnel stationed in the United States, most of which are stationed in the eastern region and are playing the role of a combat force in the war against ISIS.

ISIS declared its rule over a third of Syria and Iraq in 2014, but has been retaken from most of the country, but ISIS fighters still exist in remote areas and attack coalition forces. .

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