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Thousands of people became unemployed due to artificial intelligence in America

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Washington: A report revealed that 4,000 people lost their jobs last month due to artificial intelligence.

According to the World News Agency, in the new wave of unemployment in the United States, 19,600 people lost their jobs in the world of technology, of which 4,000 people lost their jobs due to artificial intelligence, which is 4.9%.
The report further states that between January and May of this year, about 417,500 jobs were lost, which is the worst unemployment situation since the 2020 Corona epidemic.

The reason for the loss of jobs on such a large scale in the United States is that after the corona epidemic, the work has shifted from online to shopping malls, etc., while the other major reason is the technology of artificial intelligence, which has taken the work of many people from one machine. It’s starting to go.

Companies around the world are now adopting advanced AI technology to automate a variety of tasks including creative work, such as writing, management and knowledge. ChatGPT is cheaper than employees and media companies are also using AI to outsource journalists.

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