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Snow melted, US Secretary of State arrived in China on a 2-day visit

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Beijing: US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken arrived in Beijing on a 2-day official visit to China, where he received a warm welcome.

According to the World News Agency, this is the first time that a high-ranking American official has visited China since the tensions and tensions between the United States and China that began under former President Donald Trump.

Foreign Secretary Antony Blanken will meet top officials, including his Chinese counterpart, in a visit that is expected to iron out concerns and discuss a plan to restore ties.

Recently, the relationship between China and the US has become very tense over the issue of Taiwan and both countries have issued serious threats to each other. Earlier, both the countries have also imposed strict economic sanctions on each other.

It should be remembered that the US Secretary of State was supposed to visit China in February this year, but the visit was canceled due to the tension caused by the presence of Chinese spy balloons in the US airspace and the US military’s claim to have shot it down. had gone.

However, the US Secretary of State’s visit to China today is aimed at avoiding further deterioration in high-level contacts and relations.

According to the world media, the possibility of any kind of progress in the relations between the two countries due to Antony Blanken’s visit to China is very low, but it can be expected that the door will be opened for more meetings in the future.

Speaking to the media before leaving for China, the US Secretary of State had expressed his commitment that he would try to end ‘misunderstandings’ and restore relations with China.

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