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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Settlement of Afghan refugees in Pakistan was a serious mistake, Defense Minister

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ISLAMABAD: The Defense Minister has expressed his disappointment over the use of Afghan territory by the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) in recent violent incidents, saying that allowing Afghan refugees to settle in Pakistan was a serious mistake.

Speaking at the Express-News program center stage, Khawaja Asif said that the current situation has raised serious concerns about the facilities provided to Afghan refugees. Pakistan has suffered the consequences of harboring and hosting Afghan refugees before.

He said that we are well aware of the existence of terrorist safe havens and their movement inside Afghanistan, the PTI government committed serious mistakes during its rule, committed crimes against the state and three lakh More than 500,000 people were resettled here while 500,000 Afghan migrants were already in Pakistan.

The Minister of Defense said, “What have we done in the last four years?” Now we should find a solution to the problem of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. The Defense Minister said that in the past, a terrorist involved in a suicide attack was sitting here as an attendant of a patient, now Afghan citizens in Pakistan are also involved in such incidents which is unacceptable.

He revealed that during a visit to Kabul with a delegation, he had also expressed his concern about these incidents of terrorism in front of the Afghan Taliban and the government.

The Defense Minister said that the Afghan government also offered us some suggestions while their response to our concerns and concerns was not negative, but unfortunately these incidents have not stopped in Pakistan, we need to find an immediate solution to this issue because it is our responsibility. is not acceptable. We have various options available, and Kabul should engage with us to resolve these issues.”

We have paid a heavy price due to communalism.

He said that there is no communal strife in Pakistan, but this is being misrepresented. In the past, we have paid a heavy price due to communalism. The world needs to see that we are 35 years old. They are cooperating with them.

Earlier, in a statement on social media, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that Afghanistan is not abiding by the Doha Agreement and is not fulfilling its right to be a neighboring and brotherly country. Places are available.

Khawaja Asif further said that this situation cannot continue, Pakistan will use all resources to protect its land and citizens. 5.6 million Afghanis have been given asylum in Pakistan with all rights for 40-50 years.

The Defense Minister said that the people who came to the assembly in the PTI government and briefed the members and explained the benefits of bringing the TTP from Afghanistan to Pakistan and then brought thousands of them are today the heirs of the martyrs. Tell me something too.

Khawaja Asif said that these were the people who launched the Imran Khan product in 2018 and this product showed the nation the fateful day of May 9 and then guaranteed for 4 years that the country would be devastated in every way. May Allah protect this holy land with the blood of the martyrs.

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