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PTI Chairman Imran Khan is ready to cooperate with Lahore High Court instructions to search Zaman Park

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LAHORE: The Punjab provisional government said on Friday that it had been unable to come to terms with Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), over conducting a search operation at his Zaman Park residence.

Following the PTI the head’s arrest on corruption-related charges last week, the province administration alleges the presence of many terrorists in Zaman Park who attacked military posts violently and set fire to government facilities.

The PTI chairman, however, stated to reporters later in the evening that he does not trust the Punjab caretaker administration because he believes they may place guns and fabricate evidence to accuse him of a false crime.
Imran stated that a group of police officers and representatives from the province administration paid him a visit this evening.

“I instructed them to visit and confirm that no one is wanted here. However, they later added, “We want to conduct a thorough search of your home.” Why do you need to enter my home to hunt for terrorists or wanted men? The PTI head questioned, “Have I committed a crime, or is there another cause that has to be stated?

“I told them I wouldn’t let that. If we do allow anything, it will be in accordance with the Lahore High Court’s ruling. “There would be one person from their side, one from our side, along with a female officer,” he said the LHC had approved.

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