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In India, only extremist Hindus consider Modi as a leader. Survey

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New Delhi: Narendra Modi, who is known as the butcher of Gujarat, has put the majority in front of the minorities for the sake of power in India and has poisoned it so much that life has become miserable for the minorities.

A recent CSDS survey in India exposed the growing anti-Muslim hatred in the country. There is a clear difference between Hindus and Muslims in the answers to the questions asked in the survey.

BJP government

Only 59 percent of Hindus are satisfied with the performance of the BJP government and Prime Minister Modi, on the contrary, the majority of Muslims are dissatisfied with the policies of the Modi government.

In the survey, 45 percent of Hindu voters vowed to vote for the BJP in the next election, most of them staunch Hindus, while 85 percent of Muslims said they would never vote for Modi and his party.

In the survey, the majority of Muslims expressed their desire to vote for the Congress, while the majority of Hindus expressed their desire to vote for Modi and his party, the BJP.

In the survey, other small minorities also expressed distrust in the Modi government and expressed their intention to vote for the Congress in the upcoming elections.

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