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More than 100 suicides in Indian Army every year

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There is one suicide every third day in the Indian Army, while more than 100 suicides occur annually, most of which occur in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the details, more than 3300 Indian soldiers have committed suicide since 2001. In the last 5 years alone, more than 800 Indian youths have ended their lives because of the behavior of the higher officers. On January 23, 2023, Colonel Khanna committed suicide by hanging himself from a fan, while on January 9, 2023, Lt. Col. Nishant committed suicide by shooting his wife in Ferozepur.

Female officers in the Indian Army are also forced to commit suicide. In 2006, Lt Sushmita Chakraborty took her own life just 10 months after her recruitment. According to Sushmita, her superiors used to force her for late-night dance parties and illegal demands.

In October 2019, Lt. Col. Rashmi Mishra committed suicide by hanging herself with a dupatta in Pune, while in December 2016, Major Anita Kumari ended her life with a bullet to the head in Jammu.

Similarly, in 2007, Captain Neha Rawat accused her Major General Lal of sexual harassment, since 2007, 1243 cases of rape and sexual harassment of female officers have been reported in the Indian Army.

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