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Modi government’s plan to build a temple in place of another historic mosque

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New Delhi: The administration of the Indian state of Maharashtra, under pressure from Hindutva groups, has sealed a historic mosque where an extremist Hindu group wants to build a temple.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Hindutva groups in India claimed about the centuries-old mosque in the town of Erindol in Maharashtra that the mosque was built by demolishing a temple, so a new temple will be built here.

The historic mosque was sealed under the pressure of fanatical extremist Hindu groups, after which the trustee of the mosque filed a case in the Aurangabad High Court, in which the local government has been made a party.

In the case, the court has been requested to issue an order to open the mosque and allow worship there. This is a case of basic religious freedom.

Advocate Shahid Nadeem, representing the mosque trust, told the court that the mosque is a registered waqf property which the collector does not have the authority to seal.

Advocate Shahid Nadeem further argued that matters relating to waqf properties should be dealt with by waqf tribunals.

The lawyer of the mosque trustee also submitted video and documentary evidence in the court regarding the mosque being a waqf property.

On the other hand, a Hindutva group known as Panduvara Sangharash Samiti said that the mosque was built by demolishing the structure of Panduvara, hence the land is disputed and the site should be sealed till the case is decided.

The court adjourned the hearing today after hearing the arguments of the lawyers.

It may be recalled that in May this year, Pramod Hasada Dandavate, president of the Hindutva organization, filed a complaint with the District Magistrate, alleging that the mosque trust had illegally occupied his land.

Ghazar, the trustee of the mosque, the Tehsildar (Revenue Officer) and a representative of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) were summoned to hear their arguments.

After detailed discussions, District Collector Mittal issued an order prohibiting prayers in the mosque and imposed Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPc) in view of the sensitivity of the matter.

It should be noted that during the Modi government, there are restrictions on religious freedom and the land for minorities in India has become narrow.

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