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Lionel Messi was released from custody by the Chinese police over a passport issue

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Beijing: World football star and Argentina captain Lionel Messi was detained by Chinese police and released after an investigation.

According to the international media, Messi was detained by the Chinese border police because of his visa. After the arrest, the police also interrogated the famous footballer.

Local sources told the world media that Messi had forgotten to bring his Argentine passport while he had a Spanish passport. Later, after assurances and legal action, the police allowed the footballer to leave.

On leaving the airport, Messi was warmly welcomed by thousands of fans and expressed their happiness to see their favorite footballer.

It should be noted that Messi arrived in Beijing by private plane where he will participate in the friendly match against Australia next week.

Messi previously visited Beijing in 2017 while he has visited China 7 times so far.

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