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Israel refrains from settling more Jewish settlements in the West Bank; United States

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Washington: The United States has called on the Israeli government to ensure the safety of the lives of its citizens in the West Bank, warning it to refrain from settling Jewish settlements in the area.

According to the World News Agency, the spokesman of the US State Department, Matthew Miller, has severely criticized the Israeli government for approving permits for thousands of new buildings in the West Bank.

The spokesperson of the US State Department urged Israel to negotiate with the parties to end the tension, saying that the US opposes such unilateral actions that would hinder peace and make the two-state solution of Palestine more difficult.

Matthew Miller expressed concern over the approval of new buildings for Jewish settlers, saying that the United States is deeply concerned about the permits for new settlements, because of which American citizens are in danger in the West Bank.

White House spokesman John Kirby also said in a conversation with “Al-Arabiya” about the threat to the lives of Americans in the West Bank that he is discussing the issue with the Israeli government.

It should be remembered that a week ago, Israel approved the plan to expand new settlements in the West Bank.

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