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Islamic terrorism is still the biggest threat to the country; United Kingdom

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London: British Home Secretary Sylla Braverman has said that Islamist terrorism is still the biggest threat to national security.

According to the British media, the Home Secretary, calling Islamist terrorism the biggest enemy of national security, said that last month at a public gathering in the UK, ISIS’s terrorist plot had been foiled.

“Islamic terrorism remains a major threat and is highly unpredictable, making it difficult to detect and investigate in advance,” Savla Braverman said.

The interior minister warned that counter-terrorism forces are currently investigating about 800 cases directly related to terrorism, while 169 arrests were made for terrorism-related offenses in 2022.

According to Suella Braverman, Islamist terrorism still accounts for three-quarters of the caseload at MI5.

Home Secretary Braverman is due to announce a new counter-terrorism strategy this week, following a statement by Iraq’s senior counter-terrorism officer in which he said ISIS had launched an attack on the UK. The preparations for the attack were revealed.

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