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Indian Army officer accused of raping the wives of their soldiers

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New Delhi: There has been another incident of sexual assault by an officer in the Indian Army against the wife of his jawan.

Incidents of sexual harassment in the Indian Army are on the rise, in a heartbreaking incident, the wife of an Indian Army soldier was sexually harassed and tortured by an Indian officer.

The army soldier was posted in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and was living with his wife and mother. The officer tortured and sexually assaulted the wife of a soldier under command.

suicide and desertion rate in the Indian Army

Shockingly, the soldier’s FIR was also rejected due to the officer’s influence. It is a well-known fact that the suicide and desertion rate in the Indian Army is the highest in the world. However, Experts and numerous surveys have argued that soldiers are mistreated by senior Indian officers, leading to disillusionment and rape cases among soldiers.

India is called the capital of world rape and the Indian Army is guilty of the heinous crime of rape. The absence of a justice system in the Indian Army has further compounded the problem, which has demoralized the Indian armed forces. Indian Army soldiers are forced to resort to unofficial and self-imposed means to get justice for their families. Indian soldiers are being exploited by their own commanders or superiors.

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