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Imran Khan’s tough responses to DG ISPR’s Allegations

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When the former army chief put a dagger in my back and put the most notorious criminals in power, the army was maligned: Ex-Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in a video address to the nation said that DG ISPR you called me duplicitous and said that on the one hand I say that the army is mine and on the other hand I say bad things. The enemy army has not done as much damage as Imran Khan has done to the army, we will crush them.

Let me tell you that you were not even born when I was representing Pakistan all over the world, always increasing the honor of my country.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan’s War on Terror had been defamed worldwide and it was said that the army is duplicitous, saying something, doing something, playing a double game. You must know that I stood up for my army in front of the international media. When Osama Bin Laden’s Abbottabad accident happened, you cannot imagine what happened to Pakistanis abroad.

No one here was ready to speak about the humiliation Pakistan had to face around the world. They came here and killed Osama bin Laden and left and there was silence for four days. I stood everywhere in favor of my army on it. During my 3-and-a-half-year tenure, the respect of the Pakistan Army increased.

Nation Loved Army

The army was loved by the citizens but when the former army chief stabbed me in the back and put the most notorious criminals in power, the army was maligned.

He said that people are stupid and that wherever you plant, they will plant there. ISI told me in the briefing how much money these people who have been in power for the last 30 years have looted, these people have built properties worth billions of dollars, but since an army chief has made a decision, then Imran Khan has gone bad. Got good. People did not accept this decision of yours, all this happened due to the decisions of the former army chief.

He said that I was hit by bullets for which I also know the people responsible, but as a former prime minister. I was not even given the right to file an FIR. Who is the ISPR to say that baseless allegations were made against us? The constitution of the country says that it is the right of whoever commits the crime to deduct the FIR if he is not proven guilty. it is a different matter, but the decree is being issued that Imran Khan is lying, and he should be ashamed.

People have known Imran Khan for 50 years and give money to everyone because they know that I am honest, not a liar. The Supreme Court said that Imran Khan is honest and trustworthy, who allowed you to say that Imran Khan is duplicitous?

I didn’t run away from the country despite so many cases, on the other hand, the people the establishment stands with benefited from the rise in dollar value because all their wealth is out of the country.

He further said that by asking the people what has happened to them. The inflation will increase further and the responsibility for this is on the one who overthrows my government and not on me. ISPR should form its party. I have always wanted our military to be strong. The Soviet Union broke up because no one was allowed to criticize.

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