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Guddiyan Patole Punjabi Full Movie Short story

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“Guddiyan Patole” is a Punjabi movie released in 2019. It revolves around the story of two sisters, Kashmeer Kaur (Sonam Bajwa) and Gurinder Kaur (Tania), who live in Canada. Here is a summary of the movie:
Kashmeer and Gurinder are raised by their grandparents in Punjab while their mother lives in Canada. The sisters have grown up with different values and lifestyles due to their distinct upbringings. Kashmeer is a modern, independent and free-spirited girl, while Gurinder is more traditional, conservative and follows the cultural norms.
When their mother decides to visit Punjab, she plans to take the sisters back to Canada with her. The girls, however, are reluctant to leave their homeland and the strong emotional bond they have with their grandparents. They convince their mother to allow them to stay in Punjab for a while longer.
As the story progresses, Kashmeer and Gurinder experience various adventures, challenges, and personal growth. They learn about their roots, culture, and the significance of family values. Kashmeer falls in love with a Punjabi guy named Amreek (Gurnam Bhullar), while Gurinder discovers her passion for singing.
The movie explores the complexities of relationships, the clash between tradition and modernity, and the importance of staying connected to one’s heritage. It also highlights the bond between sisters and the sacrifices they make for each other.
Ultimately, the film showcases the journey of the two sisters as they navigate their personal and cultural identities, finding love, and discovering their true selves. It celebrates the beauty of Punjab and its rich culture while addressing the challenges faced by the younger generation caught between different worlds.
“Guddiyan Patole” is a heartwarming and entertaining Punjabi movie that combines elements of comedy, romance, and family drama to tell a relatable and engaging story.

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