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Four Sisters Named Together in Hajj Lucky Draw

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Rabat: The joy of 4 Moroccan sisters had no end when the four names came out together in the Hajj lottery.

According to the Arab media, four sisters aged over 60 in Morocco, Aisha, Fatima, Haliya, and Khadija, wanted to go on Hajj together, but every year, if one of their names came out in the lottery, one of them would be deprived.

However, this year the years of waiting came to an end and the four sisters were finally invited. This time, these sisters came up with the idea that the four of them put a slip of their name in the envelope for the draw. Coincidentally, this envelope came out in the draw.

When the envelope was opened, it contained a slip of four names. At first, this act was considered a violation of rules and regulations, but when the four sisters’ years of waiting and desire to perform Hajj together came to light, the organizers allowed all four to go on Hajj.

Tears of happiness came to the eyes of the four sisters and the scene went viral on social media.

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