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Why ask for dowry? Bride’s family tied the bridegroom to a tree

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LUCKNOW: A wedding ceremony in India caused a stir when the bride’s family made a dargah for the bride.

According to Indian media, the wedding rituals were going on in the Pratabgarh area of ​​Uttar Pradesh state when the friend of the bride started misbehaving with the bride’s family. Meanwhile, the bridegroom refused to complete the marriage rituals and demanded a dowry.

Enraged by the behavior of the bridegroom, the bride’s family tied the bridegroom to a tree. As there was no settlement between the bride and groom’s family, the groom was tied to a tree for hours. The police came and pulled the bride from the tree.

The police took both the families to the police station and asked them to compromise, but the bride’s family refused and demanded the bride’s family to pay the expenses incurred on the wedding arrangements. On the intervention of the police, the groom’s family paid the money.

The video of the bride being tied to a tree went viral on social media.

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