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Brave Muslims fighting the corrupt Indian “system”

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India has indeed become a major economic power in the world, but it is also a fact that, unlike the recognized world powers, India still does not have an excellent and excellent system of government, which is commonly called “system” and “good governance”.

The Indian system is riddled with corruption and due to the spread of the new religion “Hindtva,” the germs of bigotry and hatred have also entered it. That is why the Indian government system has its two most important duties…the rule of law and the provision of justice in a fair manner. It has not been fulfilled. Especially in the case of minorities, the Indian system becomes a metaphor for oppression.

Muslims at the lowest level

It is true that in the modern era, all world powers have targeted Islam or Muslims to fulfill their interests, but especially since 2014, the Indian government has been inflicting atrocities on Muslims. It is not found anywhere else.

The Indian system or establishment has brought the common Muslims to the lowest level in society. Now even the Hindu untouchables have a higher status than the Muslims economically, politically, and socially. Even those who are influential Muslims are openly They cannot follow Islamic traditions, but seem to be performing Hindu rituals for the sake of pleasing the Hindus or for their livelihood.

In such a hostile and hostile environment, if an Indian Muslim stands in front of a dictatorial and cruel system, his courage and bravery should be praised.

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