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Titan submarine will be found or not? Millions of people around the world started gambling

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Millions of gamblers from around the world have placed thousands of pounds in bets simply on whether or not the Titan submarine or its passengers will be found.

According to global media reports, millions of people around the world were following the news about the Titan submarine, but now some of its wreckage has been found. Rescue ships and planes have been searching for the submarine since the Titan reportedly exploded. After which the possibility of death of all the passengers in it was shown.

But while the whole world is waiting for the final results of Titan to be revealed, there is also a segment of the world that has a different interest in this tragedy. Using an online gambling platform called Polymarket, millions of people are placing bets on whether or not the passengers or the submarine will be found.

A gambler named Rich claimed that he had made almost $3250 so far on the condition that the submarine would not be found.

However, on the other hand, many people have described gambling on the death or survival of people as a very shameful act. A person asked a question on social media that what is this form of capitalism in which investment is made on someone’s death? Similarly, another said that it is sheer madness. Imagine earning money on the condition that so-and-so will die or not.

The contents of the polymarket, where bets are placed, says that ‘Titan has been found’, so it is not necessary to save it in perfect condition. Also, if pieces of the submarine are found but not the cabin in which the passengers were, then this will not be enough to find the submarine.

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