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French unions announce pension protest, new day of strike on June 6

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French trade unions have announced a new day of nationwide protests on June 6 against France President Emmanuel Macron’s decision on Tuesday to raise the retirement age by two years to 64.

The reforms, which Macron signed into law last month despite weeks of protests and strikes, have stoked discontent against a president who many in France see as aloof and indifferent to their day-to-day problems.

With lawmakers set to debate on June 8 a draft bill proposed by the opposition Left Party to repeal the retirement age reform, the unions said in a joint statement that industrial action on June 6 The purpose of the day was to “allow all workers to create themselves,” MPs heard.

Aware that the government is closely monitoring whether it can maintain a rare united stand, the unions headlined their statement: “Still united, diverse and for (pension law) return and social progress.” are committed.”

The government wants to move on to other issues and has said it will send invitations to unions for talks by the end of the week.

Unions said they would use the upcoming talks to reaffirm their opposition to pension reform and work on joint proposals to improve workers’ conditions.

But some may still decide not to go to the meetings with Bourne, a source who attended the morning’s union discussions said, adding that there was a bitter debate over the phrasing of the lines referring to those meetings. happened

“There is deep mistrust, and talks can only resume if the government finally proves its willingness to take the trade unions’ proposals into account,” the joint union statement said.

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