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Australia Khalistan Referendum: 31 thousand Sikhs vote in favor of secession from India

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Sydney: A referendum was held in Australia for independence from India and the establishment of Khalistan, in which more than 31 thousand Sikhs voted in favor of the so-called secular state.

According to the international news organization, thousands of Sikhs living in the Australian city of Sydney cast their votes in the voting conducted by the Independent Punjab Referendum Commission from 9 am to 5 pm.

31 thousand Sikhs participated in the voting and all of them voted in favor of independence from India. The Sikhs who came to vote were raising slogans enthusiastically for the right to establish Khalistan and secession from India.

The Indian community based in Sydney had put a lot of pressure on the Modi government to stop the referendum, but the Australian government apologized for stopping the democratic process of a peaceful referendum. Thus, all the nefarious attempts to stop the referendum have once again failed.

Since the beginning of the day, long queues of voters had formed as the voting process began. Women and elderly people also came in large numbers to participate in the polls.

It should be noted that this was the third phase of the referendum in Australia for the establishment of Khalistan, before that, referendums have been held in other cities Melbourne and Brisbane. More than 50,000 Sikhs in Melbourne and 11,000 in Brisbane voted for Khalistan.

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